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The Future at Your Fingertips


Our custom made devices allow you to interact with the AR world of HADO, without ever loosing your connection to reality.
HADO ARENA coaches will take you through everything you need to know.
Come and experience the incredible sport of HADO for yourself

  • ① taster sessions to experience the sport
  • ② safe and secure without physical contact
  • ③ simple rules with layers of strategy
  • ④ reserve your court time
  • ⑤ variety of options and pricing
  • ⑥ enter tournaments and start winning

AR technology has allowed the creation of the world's first Technosport

「HADO」uses a head mounted display and an arm sensor to interact with the augmented reality. While giving the player full freedom of movement without loss of connection to the real world.

Played in 32 countries, with millions of participants. HADO is a true global sport.

HADO Rules

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