Acceptance of risk for the HADO Tournament for Children in Need

All players over the age of 18, and the guardians / parents of all players under the age of 18 must agree to the following in order to participate in the HADO Tournament for BBC Children in Need.


  1. I understand that the activity may be physically and mentally intense and may require exertion to play / participate in.
  2. The activity may be dangerous if not played in accordance with the rules that will be explained to me in detail by the activity leader
  3. While every effort to avoid accidents is made the possibility of injury to others and myself exists.


I confirm and agree that: –

  1. a) I am fully aware of the risks to myself and others involved in participating in my chosen activity. And that under no circumstances will I deliberately go against the rules, safety instructions or instructions given to me by an activity leader
  2. b) I am both physically and emotionally capable of taking part in my chosen activity and have informed my activity leader of any issue / condition in relation to my chosen activity.



I hereby release, remise and forever discharge from any claims and liabilities whatsoever without limitations that I might have against UK HADO and the owners of the property in which the activity I am participating in takes place. And I make this release on behalf of heirs, my executors, assigns, administrators and myself. As well as being responsible for returning hired equipment and any debts generated whilst playing in any activities (Activity fees / consumables / hire of equip / Damage or loss)

I agree to having my image used as part of event media (including game footage)


UK HADO Ltd, Frogmore Grange, Frog Lane, Balsall Common, CV7 7FP